5 Rare Hip-Hop Gifts for Rap fans

5 Rare Hip-Hop Gifts for Rap fans

Here is our list of five (5) rare Hip-Hop Gifts for Rap fans that you probably don't know abou.



Yes that's right a RHYMEBOOK, this is a 220 pages (3/4 lined 1/4 blank) notebook for writing rhymes, raps, lyrics or whatever else you want to write about. This notebook was designed to help you write rhymes. Available in black or red.


2. Rap Dictionary

Here is something you or you friend probably don't have a Rap Dictionary, this has over a thousand slang words used in rap music.


3. Studio Bag

Yes, a studio bag. Not a lot of people with one of these.


4. Rap Enthusiast T-Shirt

If you or your friends are rap enthusiasts, here's a shirt for you!


5. Santa Durag

A Santa Durag, because it will soon once again be christmas. 

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